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Lawrence Kaufman

Pet Loss and Grief Counselor


Most people who visit this website have experienced, or anticipate experiencing, the loss of their beloved animal companion. If this is the case with you, I express my sincere regret over the heartbreak and agony I assume you are now feeling. For some, the loss of a pet can be devastating and even traumatic. I hope I can be of help to you during this intense time that you are dealing with grief.


I provide high quality, professional grief and loss counseling, over the telephone, through video calls (Skype-to-Skype, and ooVoo-to-ooVoo), and in person, to those in need, and those who want to help another who is suffering from pet loss.

I offer sophisticated, psychological help to adults who are experiencing distress and trauma related to a cherished pet. This distress can be related to death, euthanasia, illness, aging, accident, bereavement, separation, or another cause.


I provide this help directly to those who are suffering and those who want to help a loved one, or close friend. The aim of this assistance is to help people navigate successfully through the pain, anguish, grief, guilt, anger, and other strong emotions, as well as the troubling thoughts, sensations, and behaviors, which occur as a result of these most difficult life challenges.

To further clarify what I do: I provide grief counseling (including telephone counseling) to people who have suffered (or anticipate suffering) greatly over losing a pet. One of the issues I focus on is helping people make decisions about pet euthanasia. In my view, when a pet parent places the phrase loss of pet in a search engine s/he is most probably searching for support, empathy, relief, and deep understanding.

I do not sell any products.


I follow high ethical standards in my work.


I would welcome your contacting me. Please consider allowing me to be of help to you.


You can reach me by calling toll free at

1-855-PET-LOSS (1-855-738-5677)

or by calling  1-561-498-2200.


My email address:


I am a full-time counselor/ therapist in private practice. I have been in this profession for over thirty years. I have helped a large number of people with many different kinds of problems over this time. I specialize helping people deal and cope with the various challenges and difficulties related to the loss, or anticipated loss, of a cherished pet. 


While I see people in my office, I realize that the vast majority of people who could benefit from my services live too far away to take advantage, in person, of what I have to offer. I therefore provide counseling for pet loss over the telephone and through video calls.

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